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Ramadhan Obiero: What does Colour in Faith mean to me?

Being in this process to bring humanity together is a great opportunity for me. This is the time when the world needs to know that Muslims value life and not terror. We value love not hatred. We have different faiths but we were created for common action and that is what this process means to me. As a Muslim I would love to show the world that Islam is all about peace and love #this is Islam love and peace.

It pains me that even the Government is showing signs of fear and prejudice with instances where Muslim communities are not allowed to convene in the CBD. I hear Muslim Leaders speak of Christian leaders avoiding to meet them. I think this is the time to change that mindset and to come together in a common action that unites our people.

My dream is that one day I will see a world free of terror attacks in the name of Islam.

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